Culdcept DS is on the CARDS … ha ha … just watch the damn trailer

My only experience with the Culdcept games comes from a demo of Culdcept Saga I played on Xbox Live. Since it’s a card based strategy game and I have all the luck of Calamity James from the Beano, I found myself trounced fairly swiftly. I then decided never to play it again.

While I don’t like relying on pure game-generated luck for all my success, some people love it and there are a fair few Culdcept fans on Destructoid. I think it takes someone particularly nerdy, even among gamers, to combine card games, board games and Japanse RPGs into one big ball of social shame, but that’s obviously just me. 

Now the geekery can go portable, as Culdcept DS is on the way. Check out the above, incredibly Japanse trailer. Deku deku :3

James Stephanie Sterling