Crytek ponders move over gaming law, Poland NOT on the list

Crytek — the German publisher developer behind the sleeper hit FPS FarCry and its upcoming semi-sequel Crysisrecently spoke to Heise Online regarding a controversial new gaming law proposed by the Conference of Interior Ministries that would functionally outlaw “killer games”. According to the IMK (yes, that’s the Deutsche acronym for the Conference of Interior Ministries) “… the “violence dominated” games should be indexed by the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM) in the future. These may then no longer be advertised and sold to youths.” This move would effectively shut down Crytek’s ability to sell titles within their home country and as such, they have vowed to move abroad should the law make it through the notoriously draconian German government.

Possible locations for their new HQ include Budapest, the location of one of their satellite offices, as well as England, Scotland, Austria and Singapore.

With Germany cracking down on gaming violence with a fervor that makes even America’s most famous professional societal babysitters — like Jack Thompson — spend hours in front of the mirror practicing their Deutsche in preparation for a masturbatory tour of the IMK home offices, they’re exhibiting the sort of behavior that once drove colonists to flee en masse from a certain nearby island in an effort to seek a better life. The only question remaining is that with America already discovered, how long will it be before Crytek builds CryBase in the Sea of Tranquility?

[Via Slashdot

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