Crytek: PC gaming is very important to us

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Despite the fact that a dev build of Crysis 2 was leaked early and popped up on torrent sites with a grim predictability, developer Crytek has remained classy, expressing disappointment, but maintaining that the PC market remains important.

“While we are deeply disappointed by these events, we are all completely overwhelmed by the support we have received from you, our community,” stated CEO Cervat Yerli. “We can assure you that PC gaming is very important to us and will always be important to Crytek in the future. We are all still focused on delivering a great gaming experience to our true and honest fans. I hope you will enjoy Crysis 2 on PC, as we think it is our best PC game yet!”

While the Piracy Defense Force have framed Yerli’s comments as a weak counterattack to my expletive-filled rant this past weekend, I just see it as a studio taking things in their stride. The fact that Crytek is being quite nice doesn’t magically stop piracy from being a shithead move, and doesn’t automatically remove the potential long-term damage it can wreak. 

Keep telling yourselves it does, though. We all got a good look at how insecure some of you are when people call you out on your thievery. 

[Via Crysis Forums]

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