Crystal Bearers Combat trailer has very little combat

Not being a huge Final Fantasy fan and having heard that the Crystal Chronicles series was not always up to snuff, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers was originally a game I had absolutely no interest in. However, as more and more has leaked out about it I’ve become quite curious about the title — some may even say excited for it. Square Enix has sent along a “Combat Trailer” to show off a bit more of the game. It really doesn’t have much combat in it, but I suppose when most of your trailers have no gameplay at all showing off any is a big commitment.

The trailer has only heightened my curiousity for the game, not simply because it actually looks like a game with a full story that plays on my Wii, but also because of cheesy voice acting. Cheesy voice acting and bad scripts are guilty pleasures of every gamer and as budgets get bigger and bigger they’re going by the wayside. Judging from the closing scene of this trailer though, Crystal Bearers is going to rock that s**t hard. Combined with an interesting gameplay mechanic and impressive graphics this makes the game much closer to something I want to own.

Also, kudos to the hero for calling a clearly skinny girl fat. She should totally get to a toilet and start vomiting up health potions as soon as possible.

Matthew Razak