Crysis demo to be released on the same day as Halo 3

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Here’s a bit of strange news for today: a singleplayer demo for the upcoming PC shooter, Crysis, has been dated for a September 25 release. Hmm … does that date sound familiar to anyone? Oh yeah, that’s the same day this little game called Halo 3 comes out.

I could sit hear all day trying to come up with reasons why that exact date seemed like such a good idea at some point in time, but I’ll leave that up to you guys to figure out.

Then again, I guess it doesn’t really matter — it’s not like this demo will only be available for a for a limited time. So when you do eventually take a break from you’re Halo 3 marathon, you’ll be able to play Crysis and see if you’re PC can actually turn the graphics up to 11.

[Via inCrysis, thanks GoldenDonut]

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