Crysis 2 won’t use Online Pass for multiplayer

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In news that ought to please all fans of used games, Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will not be inflicting its Online Pass — where secondhand consumers need to pay $10 to access the multiplayer — upon Crysis 2

It is said that Crytek did not want to have its game used as a “testbed” for the scheme, and that it didn’t want a “wall” put up between consumers and the game’s online mode. Electronic Arts would not confirm any reasons for the decision, simply stating that the fact that the game won’t use Online Pass. 

Sounds great to me! Even getting games brand new, it’s a pain to input a code just because a publisher has its panties in a bunch about the very capitalist environment that allowed it to become a major company. So yeah, that’s a thumbs-up from me!

Crysis 2 won’t use EA’s Online Pass, Crytek confirms [CVG]

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