Crysis 2 aims to ‘set the graphical benchmark’

If you thought that Crytek wouldn’t be spurting graphics-jizz out of its developer’s cock with Crysis 2, then you are very naive. The studio is already hyping how good the game will look, with plans to make it the best looking game you’ve ever seen, especially on consoles. 

“We know [developing for PS3] is a big challenge, but we’re happy to accept it,” says executive producer Nathan Camarillo. “The most important thing that Crysis taught us as a developer is that, while cinematic graphics and convincing gameplay will get you a lot of press and build strong interest before release — you shouldn’t count on that exclusively.

 “We’re aiming to set the graphical benchmark. Why would anyone not want to play a game with the best graphics they have ever seen, great gameplay, some engaging fiction, challenging AI, killer weaponry and a complete gaming experience like no other?”

I really hope Crytek is taking the “not relying on graphics alone” concept to heart. Crysis looked absolutely stunning, that much is true, but the gameplay felt a little … lacking, for want of a better word. Not terrible, but not exactly inspiring. I want Crysis 2 to be everything it sets out to be.

Crysis 2 has ‘best graphics you’ve ever seen’ [CVG via PSM3]

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