Cry havoc and let slip the golf of war

Now admittedly, this particular story is a couple of days old, so if you must beat me in the face for it, enjoy yourselves. It was, however, far too ridiculous a concept to just not be written about. Marcus Fenix, the grizzled veteran of Gears of War, riding around in a caddy across green open fields while wearing ludicrous checked pants and a flat cap, all before chainsawing Tiger Woods right in his face.

That’s the mental image I’ll likely take to the grave after hearing that Epic Games are spending their time and energy not on a sequel to their smash hit shooter, but on a spin off title in which Fenix and crew swap out their lancers for nine irons. Could Golf of War become the next huge Microsoft success story?

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After messing about with Unreal Engine 3, Fenix had a golf swing animation bestowed upon him and from there the whole thing snowballed into one of the most surreal ideas for a sports title outside of Japan. The grenade launch mechanic from Gears of War was used to simulate the ball, cooking up all sorts of bizarre ideas as to how unique and, more to the point, how brutal a round of Gears golf would be.

As an internal project, it may never see the light of day, but who knows? Perhaps there’s a market for people willing to drive back a slavering Locust horde by teeing off with them rather than slicing the beasts to bits. Perhaps this could even open the door to more inane sports spin offs. Silent Hill Synchronised Swimming, anyone?


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James Stephanie Sterling