Crusader Kings III will bring ruthless warfare on September 1

Crusader Kings III console versions on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S with Xbox Game Pass in March

King for a Day… Fool for a Lifetime?

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Grand strategy fans will be pleased to hear that Paradox Interactive has announced a release date for the third mainline entry in its legendary series Crusader Kings. Coming to PC on September 1, Crusader Kings III will feature all of the intense, cerebral, and Machiavellian gameplay that is a franchise trademark.

Alongside the release date, Paradox has released not one, but two videos for the upcoming sequel. The first preview focuses on Crusader Kings III‘s campaign mode and, while not quite as dark as the previous trailer, still demonstrates how a thirst for power and conquest often begins in the crib and ultimately ends on the blood-stained battlefield.

The second video gives players a very brief look at Crusader Kings III in action. Through a combination of smart management, careful planning, forward-thinking, and more than just a fistful of ruthlessness, you can transform your kingdom from a modest piece of land to a country-spanning empire. But beware, the Middle Ages are not renown for their loyalty. So keep your friends close, your enemies closer… and perhaps a sheet of steel rested snugly between your shoulder blades might not go amiss.

Crusader Kings III launches September 1 on PC via Steam, Microsoft Store, and Paradox Store.

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