Crunk Golf? I need a drink …

Lil’ Jon, the rapper who is more well known for Dave Chapelle’s spoof of his mannerisms than his actual musicianship, somehow got it into his head that lending his unfortunate “grill” to a cell phone golf game would be an excellent career move. Following in the footsteps of flash in the pan socialite-turned-harlot Paris Hilton, Mr. Jon (Mr. Lil’?), believes this to be an extension of his already popular brand (?) and sees it as an opportunity to further his creativity into other realms of the multimedia stratosphere.

Also, he plans to cash in on 14 year old white kids who adore the fact that he makes their parents nervous.

Not only is the golf game, Crunk Golf, in the works, but he also has three other upcoming cell phone games, Hot Secretary, Stackin’ Bling, and Pool Hall Hustle.

It’s news like this that killed Johnny Cash.

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