Cross Edge coming to the Xbox 360

This is a move I didn’t expect to see. NIS is usually known for sticking firmly with the PlayStation brand (occassionally venturing into DS territory) but its fan service crossover game, Cross Edge, is gearing up for an Xbox 360 release. It’ll be released in Japan as Cross Edge Dash this coming October, almost a year after the original game launched.

Cross Edge combines characters from NIS, Gust, Idea Factory Namco Bandai and Capcom to create one big roleplaying mash up and was released to moderate reviews (ours is still coming, promise!). It was one third-party exclusive I wouldn’t have expected the PS3 to lose, but there you go. Apparently, somebody in Japan believes the 360 is lucrative enough there for a release.

No word if Cross Edge will be coming to North American Xboxes yet. Will your hardcore Xbox fanboy even know half the characters, though?

Jim Sterling