Crocheted Mario and friends are cute, crafty

Crafty crafter EnemyAirship has a whole party (Mario Party?) of crocheted Nintendo pals and foes in a Flickr gallery. They’re all fantastic, and everyone you’d ever want is there. The whole Nintendo gang. Hell, there’s even a Magikoopa upskirt shot for you sickos. I really want the blue Octorok for my office desk.

The good news is that EnemyAirship has an Etsy shop, and some of the pictured goods are available there. There’s a limited stock (Raccoon Mario’s gone) but she does take special orders. I’d like to see Yoshi crapping out a Master Chief helmet. Do you think that’s possible in crochet?

タヌキマリオあんたさんなんでそんなにかわいいの……萌え死にそうなマリオあみぐるみ! [beeeeeeeeep]

Dale North