Crisis Core battle system videos are looking good

Thanks to the popularity of Final Fantasy 7, the buzz surrounding Square-Enix’s upcoming PSP title Crisis Core may be the biggest thing to attract new PSP users since the slim PSP was announced. Courtesy of Famitsu, we have a few new videos of the Battle System, which is centered around the Digital Mind Wave (DMW), a fancy new term for summoning critters. It also looks as if you get to play something that resembles Advent Children Roulette to get your limit breaks.

Hit the jump for the second video. 

[Thanks le Donut]

While some touches will definitely attract the hardcore fans of FF7 (the fight music is very similar to the original game), the modern incarnation of FF battles shows in the free-roaming, MMO inspired encounters. Now all we have to hope for is a story that can intertwine with its beloved predecessor and still manage to do it justice. The game releases in Japan on September 13th, so we will know soon enough.

Colette Bennett