Crisis Averted? Yakuza 4 UK special edition vs US version

Earlier this morning we pointed you to a UK retailer’s posting of what would be inside their Yakuza 4 special edition release, which it seems like U.S. based gamers won’t be getting. Some were concerned that we’d miss out on all those special costumes and DLC areas. Since then we’ve received information that let’s us compare their fancy release with ours. Check it out:

Today we can confirm that the U.S. version will include codes for the following items:

  • Bonus costumes for Kazuma, Akiyama, Taiga, Tanimura, and Haruka 
  • Survival Mode 
  • Underground car park racing 
  • The underground Fighting Arena

In other words, no worries. We’re getting all the same stuff they are, minus the shiny black metal box. And if you consider the GameStop pre-order bonus Dynamic Hostess PSN theme, we’re about on the same page. 

Know that these content codes are one-time use only — a heads up to used game buyers.

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