Crimson Skies 2 could happen, FASA founder has ‘plans’

A Crimson Skies sequel could happen. If it does, it seems likely that its original creator, Jordan Weisman, and his studio, Smith & Tinker, won’t handle the game.

Speaking with GameSpot, Weisman confirmed that he still thinks about the high-flying property and plans to do something with it, but those plans won’t include to Smith & Tinker: “I think Crimson Skies is something we’d love to get some energy around, and we have some devious plans — we’ll see if those materialize.”

“The older properties — MechWarrior, Crimson Skies, Shadowrun, those kinds of things — those are kind of grandfathered in,” Weisman said. “They’re not really what we’re all about, and we won’t be developing and publishing those ourselves as a result. We’ll be, like we are now, talking to other publishers and finding good homes for those, but they’re not what Smith & Tinker at its core is about.”

That core may or may not be creating content for children.

Weisman was a founder of Microsoft’s dissolved studio, FASA, the brains behind the aforementioned titles. Smith & Tinker and Pirahna Games are doing something new with MechWarrior, but — there’s always a “but” with these guys — the game currently doesn’t have a publisher and doesn’t seem like the kind of game you let Billy-the-seven-year-old play.

We’d welcome another Crimson Skies — especially if it allowed players to leave their crafts and navigate using a jetpack. Also, vertical shooting and cover mechanics would be great, too. Oh! That’s Dark Void. Whoops.

[via Eurogamer]

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