Criminal Girls: Invite Only up for parole in February 2015

Doin’ time and the living’s easy

You may remember Criminal Girls: Invite Only as the game we covered back in July two different times where it was briefly suggested the game shouldn’t be localized. But that’s only because I didn’t write the post, because I’m all for giving it a try. And guess what? NIS America, the #1 handsy boys that they are, have finally given it a release date. It’ll hit February 3 in North America and February 6 in Europe. 

Of course, as reported back then, it appears certain aspects of the game will be edited according to NIS America. Weirdly enough, that isn’t mentioned in the latest PR blast from NIS America. Maybe they’re counting on the fact that we remember?

At any rate, this game finds you taking up the role as caretaker of a gaggle of girls who have been sent to hell as retribution for their earthly sins. But there’s still hope. If you give them time to redeem themselves, listen to their stories, and provide a little guidance, they may well conquer a trial known as the Redemption Program, which could end up freeing the girls from the chains that bind them. And cute prison uniforms. Seriously, they don’t look half bad. I guess that’s great for when you need to “motivate” them to be good girls, right?

The first batch of English screens are below. Commence ta’ jigglin’.

Brittany Vincent