Creepy horror game Afterfall coming to PC, XBLA, PSN

The Games Company (straightforward name) has today announced the digital debut of its third-person horror shooter series, Afterfall. Afterfall: Insanity will be releasing for PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network early next year, and it’s looking suitably f*cked up. 

Afterfall has a premise very similar to Metro 2033, in that it’s a post-apocalyptic horror shooter set in spooky underground tunnels. All kinds of monstrosities lurk in the sewers and it’s up to a guy who looks a bit like a Warhammer 40K Space Marine to deal with them. 

Yet again, Afterfall looks set to bring a serious and robust game to the digital market, and while it certainly doesn’t seem too original, it does look rather demented. Demented’s always good in our book, so we’re quite looking forward to seeing where this one goes. 

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