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Creepshow anthology game in the works at DreadXP

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Indie outfit DreadXP, in association with AMC Networks and Cartel Entertainment, has announced that it has begun the development of a brand new video game based on the iconic horror anthology series Creepshow. Platforms or a release window were not announced.

The new game has been inspired by the TV series currently airing on horror network Shudder, which is itself styled after a trilogy of comically dark movies written and produced by author Stephen King and late director George A. Romero. While horror anthology films have been released in abundance over the past 50 years, the original Creepshow (1982) is still considered perhaps one of the genre’s finest examples — even if the sequels are the very epitome of the law of diminishing returns.

Check out the trailer for this B-movie classic to get a taste of its kooky E.C. Comics vibe.

Much like the films and TV series, the Creepshow game will be an anthology, featuring self-contained stories that will apparently span a wide variety of tones and genres. Creepshow‘s trademark shock & gore tactics will be in full effect, as will its delightfully naughty comedic tone. Darkstone Digital’s Brian Clarke will serve as creative director, spearheading several developers’ efforts to bring a unique twisted tale to the compilation. A fun experimental concept, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Creepshow represents one of several retro-themed horror titles currently in the works. Gun Interactive is currently hard at work on an asymmetrical multiplayer title based upon Tobe Hooper’s seminal 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre while, more recently, Teravision Games revealed it was making a similar title based upon the dopey 1988 release Killer Klowns from Outer Space. I’m all for this return to the golden genre that gives me lifeblood, of course I am, I just ask that these games be, y’know, good?

Creepshow is currently in development at DreadXP.

Creepshow video game in development from DreadXP [FlickeringMyth]

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