Creators of The Stanley Parable, Rick and Morty team up for Accounting

A free HTC Vive game

The minds behind Rick and Morty and The Stanley Parable are collaborating on a free HTC Vive game called Accounting. If you know anything of their prior work, you’ll understand that despite outward appearances, this title isn’t just about the “serious and honorable profession” of accountancy.

It’s seemingly a game of virtual reality within virtual reality. There’s an angry little cloud-looking guy, and at one point you get to pour acid inside someone’s stomach. Hell yeah! I mean, wait, what?

Squanchtendo and Crows Crows Crows will release Accounting later this month, exclusively for Vive. I implore you to visit the website for the game to see their top-of-the-line rotating-box technology.

Jordan Devore
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