Creator of the upcoming WiiWare game Eternity’s Child drops Destructoid a line

Here is a unedited transcript of a message sent to us today through the [email protected]

“Hi Luc Bernard here, the creator of Eternity’s Child for wii. well I’m happy to tell you guys that Eternity’s Child will be coming to wiiware at the cheap price of 500 points 😉 And still be beautiful, both musically and visually. Oh might i also mention that there is a new gameplay, that uses the wii remote, wow!!! it seems that eternity’s child might actually be good lol

Luc :)”

For one, Luc is French. For seconds, Luc probably did not expect me to post this here for public consumption. If he had, I bet he would have spent a little more time crafting the language in the above message. All the same, I found the whole thing too charming to not honor with a response, and what better place to respond than Destructoid’s front page?

Click here to read’s write up on the planned Wii and DS versions of Eternity’s Child, with my response to Luc following after the jump. 

Luc, if you are out there, thanks for dropping us a line. I’m psyched to hear that your game is coming to WiiWare, and that it will somehow only cost 500 Wii points. Who’d have ever thought that an all new, hand drawn 2D platformer would be announced for WiiWare so quickly, let alone for a smaller asking price than turd-tastic Virtual Console games like Motoroader or Bio Hazard Battle?  It’s probably the best Wii-online related news we’ve gotten all year.

But I must admit that I’m a little puzzled at this latest development in your game’s road to release. What happened to the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game? It was my understanding that it was dropped because of XBLA file size restrictions. Does WiiWare development offer fewer restrictions? It’s hard to see how it could, considering the Wii’s minuscule flash memory hard drive.

I’ve noticed that the Wii is getting more and more indie attention lately, where XBLA gets less and less. Is there something going on here that I don’t know about? Is Nintendo paying you guys to switch your games to WiiWare from XBLA, or are you just more attracted to the Wii because it’s got the biggest global install base of all the current-gen consoles? Is it just cheaper and/or easier to make WiiWare games? There has got to be a reason!

Tell us all about it. We love hearing from insiders like yourself. Just last year we interviewed gaming and film luminary Uwe Boll for the site. We are all about in-depth, classy shit at Destructoid. You’d fit right in here. We’d love to interview you to get to know more about you and your game. Or just comment in this post. Either would be a great way to connect with more gamers who may or may not already be familiar with your work.

Speaking of which, why not ask our site’s owner if you can use our mascot, Mr Destructoid, in Eternity’s Child? All the cool kids are doing it. Drop him a line through the tips email you used to contact us before. I can’t give you his personal email now, because all our readers would take it and immediately letter bomb the poor guy with merkin jokes and requests for the site to “stop teh suxors and kick moar @55!” Like I said, we’re all about class around here. 

In closing, I just want to thank you again for contacting us. It’s always a fun time to hear directly from creative minds such as yourself whom we normally only get to know from their artwork. Again, I hope you don’t mind that I publicly reproduced the email you wrote us. I thought that our readers would find it endearing. 

Yours truly,

Jonathan Holmes



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