Create custom Dtoid PS3 XMB theme, win games and fancy schwag!

Believe it or not, but Sony’s PlayStation 3 console turns one tomorrow — my, how it’s grown! In honor of this event, Sony has given Destructoid some PS3 games and schwag to giveaway to a few lucky readers who are willing to do a little work for it!

When customizable XcrossMediaBar themes were announced as an addition in the most recent PS3 firmware update, we had only one thought — who’s going to be the first to make a Destructoid-flavored XMB theme? Here’s your chance to make our dreams a reality, and win some cool prizes while you’re at it.

First Prize
Copies (one each) of Uncharted, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, and NBA 08 for the PS3
Random assortment of PS3 schwag (t-shirt, belt buckle, pens, luggage tags, etc.)

Second Prize
Random PS3 schwag assortment

Third prize
Random PS3 schwag assortment, but not as much as  the second prize winner, because he/she is slightly cooler than you are … but you’re still pretty cool.

The contest will run from now until Friday, November 30. Hit the jump for rules, and details on how to make your custom Destructoid XMB theme for the PS3. 

Contest Rules and other important stuff (READ ME!)

  • The XMB theme should be Destructoid related (which could mean using our color scheme, versions of the robot head, etc.)
  • The theme can not contain any inappropriate references (including, but not limited to: pornography, profanity, etc.). This should go without saying, but we know how you animals can get!
  • Finalized XMB themes should be sent to [email protected]

Creating your own XMB theme

  • First, you’ll need the custom XMB theme compiler, which you can get from Sony here.
  • The compiler package contains detailed information on how to edit and create your own XMB theme. Don’t be afraid of the big words in the detailed guide.
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