Create a custom paint job for Warhawk that might get included in the next patch

The Warhawk team is working on the new 1.3 patch for Warhawk and they’re holding a contest. Participants can create custom paint and original insignias of which 50 insignias and 20 paint schemes will be featured in the updated patch. Winners will also receive a limited edition Warhawk statue as a prize.

Head on over to the PlayStation Blog for the rules on what you can and can’t submit. One thing you can’t submit is a penis. You could, however, submit a hot dog wearing a construction hat that is standing in front of two round shaped streets signs. What’s a hot dog wearing a construction hat doing in front of two street signs? Mr. Hot Dog is a construction worker and he’s trying to set up two new street signs to keep the hot dog children safe in the neighborhood he is working on. See, it’s totally innocent and not perverted at all … Alright, so who’s making the Destructoid theme?

Also, to all you Warhawk fans out there, be sure to catch Wednesday Night Warcawks. It’s like Friday Night Fights, but just for all you PS3 and Warhawk owners. Pay attention to bhive01, Y0j1mb0, shipero, Hitogoroshi C-Blogs for info on how to particapate. 

Hamza Aziz