Create a Contra 4 character: Konami is getting really lazy after two decades

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Konami, home to such classics as Castlevania, Metal Gear and Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa, has revealed one of the more clever promotional contests in recent memory: a competition to design a brand-new unlockable character for their upcoming Contra 4.

Obviously having a bit of your creativity immortalized within one of the pillars of the gaming world such as Contra ranks right up there with losing your virginity to Lea Thompson circa 1988 as the pinnacle of awesome, but I have to feel a twinge of pity for whichever intern the higher-ups at Konami con into judging this thing. Out of the millions of submissions, 90% are going to be blatant Rambo/Contra ripoffs (perhaps with an alternately colored headband or an extra pectroal) and the other 10% are just going to be batshit-insane.

My plan? Batman dressed as a really angry duck. I figure after so many horrible choices, they’ll have to see mine as a Dali-esque display of surrealism and then BAM we’ve got DuckBatman in a video game! 

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[UPDATE: It turns out that the Contra 4 in question is actually the mobile phone game, NOT the DS version. But, I mean … still, right?]

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