Crash Team Racing’s Spooky Grand Prix brings back Nina Cortex

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Here’s the updated Grand Prix schedule for 2019

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There’s hardly enough time to keep up with Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled‘s ongoing Grand Prix events, but then again, that’s the whole idea. That’s by design. Like just about any other big online-centric game, if you don’t make a point to stay on top of things, you’re going to be left in the dust. Some days, that feels great. There’s always new stuff to unlock! But other days, it’s exhausting. It never ends.

Crash Team Racing developer Beenox outlined the next Grand Prix events that’ll close out the year.

Up first in October, the Spooky Grand Prix marks the return of Nina Cortex and adds a rather nicely-lit track called Nina’s Nightmare along with her Skull Rider kart. I love a good Halloween tie-in.

The October event for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is the Spooky Grand Prix

For a high-res look at all of the October rewards and Pit Stop items jump to the gallery below.

In November, CTR will move onto the Neon Circus Grand Prix with a Carnival stage and, presumably, Pasadena O’Possum. That’s what the silhouette looks like, right? Any other guesses?

The last Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix of the year, Winter Festival, will unwrap the Gingerbread Joyride track, the Nitro Sleigh kart, and a mysterious character with antlers in December. Then, we sleep.

It’s a shame to see all of this cool stuff lined up while microtransactions gnaw away at the game.

On a brighter note, CTR Nitro-Fueled is getting some across-the-board enhancements. You’ll now be able to pick any Driving Style for any character (including a new Drift style), the 2x Wumpa Coins bonus will extend to all game modes for your first 30 minutes of playtime each day, and AI drivers will stop using the N. Tropy Clock and those dang Warp Orbs in online matches.

Lastly, the game has a new cup: the Lost Cup. It includes Oxide Station, Clockwork Wumpa, Twilight Tour, and Prehistoric Playground. The latter two were Grand Prix tracks.

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