Crash Bandicoot mascot suit returns in goofy new workout trailer

I love the ’90s

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Remember those Crash Bandicoot TV advertisements in the 90s, the ones where a guy wears a Crash Bandicoot costume? I do, and so does Vicarious Visions who decided to take a nostalgia trip in the latest advertisement for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy,  

As many times as I saw those commercials, I never actually owned or even rented Crash Bandicoot when I had the original PlayStation. I mostly used it play 2gether and WWF CDs and occasionally played Spice World and the first level of PaRappa the Rapper (because I couldn’t beat it). Some part of me wants to say “they’re just doing it as a gimmick to get more press” but sometimes it’s best to stop being so cynical and just enjoy things.

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