Crash Bandicoot is getting another game this year…a mobile game

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run

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Crash Bandicoot is officially back.

He’s getting another real core entry (that retroactively bills itself as the “fourth game”) and now, a mobile spinoff. The whole Temple Run formula thing (which has been endlessly used for ages) is the framework, with King (under the umbrella of Activision) at the helm.

Previously referred to as “Crash Bandicoot Mobile,” the game is now titled “Crash On the Run.” According to King it’ll have boss fights in addition to the normal running formula, as well as “social, crafting and base building elements” (there we go! There’s the microtransaction angle). As for the story, Neo Cortex is at it again in an attempt to control the multiverse: much like the narrative of the aforementioned Crash 4.

Pre-registration is live now on Android and iOS for a future launch date.

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