Crackdown 3’s full-on destruction is only in multiplayer

I can hear the orbs already

This week’s Crackdown 3 showing at gamescom had me recalling fond memories of the multiplayer in Red Faction: Guerrilla. Charging through walls to get the jump on another player and smacking them upside the head with a sledgehammer (or ostrich) never got old. I need more of that!

To achieve its fully destructible cityscape, Crackdown 3 is tapping into Microsoft’s cloud for extra computing power. It has been spoken about in the context of multiplayer, but I figured the tech might also be present in single-player with an online connection. That is not the case.

The cloud-powered destruction is “exclusive to the multiplayer mode,” creative director David Jones told IGN. “You have to be online for multiplayer, and at that point we can connect to the cloud and really expand the experience … you’re meant to be saving the city [in the campaign], so we really wanted to create a new multiplayer experience that bent that.”

Jones also teased multiplayer as being “more than just a simple deathmatch.”

Gamescom 2015: Crackdown 3 Release Window Announced [IGN]

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