Cozy city-builder Gourdlets gets a new trailer, demo

Little vegetable people living their little vegetable lives

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I am always on the hunt for a new cozy simulation game, because playing a relaxing city/life/community sim is one of my favorite ways to wind down after a long day. One upcoming title I’ve had my eye on is Gourdlets, a city-building simulator that has “no objectives, no points, just building.” Say no more — I know for a fact that this title is going to be right up my alley, especially with its pastel color palette and adorable vegetable villagers.

Based on a new trailer that publisher AuntyGames posted, will be able to decorate their towns with all kinds of cute buildings, trees, flowers, crops, fences, and paths. Your villagers will also be able to take part in cozy activities like roasting marshmallows, building sand castles, and the simulator staple: fishing. You’ll be able to “Watch the population of gourdlets grow and interact with the town as you create it,” according to the game’s Steam page, and chill out as you “watch the little gourdlets live their little lives.”

I’m excited to see a new entry in the cozy simulator genre that’s more of an open-ended, sandboxy thing as opposed to a game with a more rigid quest structure. I’ve been having a blast with Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, but I know after binging dozens of hours of a game that requires a good deal of grinding for materials, a more relaxed experience will be a welcome respite. Gourdlets‘ gameplay and art style also remind me of another excellent city-builder called Townscaper, which shares in its bright colors and laid-back tone.

Gourdlets doesn’t have a release window yet, but the extended demo is available to download on Steam right now!

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