Counter-Strike: Global Offensive receives rare 25% off deal this week

Get to the deal choppa

In a rare non-Steam Summer sale moment, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a discount. Green Man Gaming just put up a price tag of $11.29 which is 25% off the usual $14.99. It’s not amazing, but given the game sells so well Valve hardly ever puts it on sale.

While this discount is not as hot as the 50% off deal back in June, it still represents a rare price break for Global Offensive. The game is always on the first page of the Steam Top Sellers list and is currently #3 for the full $14.99 price.

You’ll need to login to an existing account or create a new account at GMG to see this discount. If you aren’t logged in, you’ll see a price tag of $12.79, but once you are in the system before final checkout it’ll be $11.29.

For non-Chrome users, if you see the DRM listed as Uplay – don’t sweat. GMG apparently is having a glitch where select browsers will see the wrong DRM. CS: GO is a Steam-only title and the day it appears on Uplay is when Ubisoft buys up all the other publishers (did we just jinx something?).

The Steam key is straight from Valve through GMG. No expiration date yet for the deal, but we suspect it’ll around middle of the week.

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