Counter-Strike argument leads to murder of teen

A number of deaths have been pinned on Counter-Strike over the years, but never has the venerable online shooter ever been directly involved. That is, until a certain argument in a Novosibirsk Internet café ended on very violent terms, resulting in the death of a Russian teenager.

It has recently been revealed by Russian courts that in May of last year, two teenage boys got into a heated debate at the aforementioned café, as the two pals quarreled over a game of Counter-Strike. Consumed by their nerd rage, the boys partook in not one but two fistfights. 

When one of the boys finally left the establishment, the other set upon him for a third encounter, beating him in the head and torso violently enough to kill him at the scene of incident. The attacker has since been found guilty of grievous bodily harm and is sentenced to four years in a juvenile detention center. 

What was the boy thinking? Everybody knows that Counter-Strike encourages gun violence, not fist violence. He’s doing it wrong.

Jim Sterling