Could we be getting a new G-Police game?

It would fit well with PSVR

G-Police is due for another release, don’t you think?

Back in 1997 the now defunct Psygnosis released the Sony-published G-Police, which tasked players with keeping the peace in a futuristic 2097 setting. And there that IP laid, dormant, outside of a PSN re-release in Europe in 2007. But thanks to a new European trademark filing this week, we might be seeing more G-related activities. Given the timing right before E3 and the need for Sony to hype up PlayStationVR, it would make a perfect fit for that platform.

While a lot of people fondly remember G-Police, truth be told my joint was Crime Killer, a similar game for the PS1. It wasn’t as good but hey, I enjoyed it!

G-Police [EUIPO] Thanks Brad!

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