Could user-created RunMan: RATW levels be on the horizon?

We’ve already discussed the greatness of RunMan: Race Around the World in some detail. But now that you’ve played it, beaten it, donated money and unlocked all the characters, what’s left to do? Well, depending on co-creator Matt Thorson’s faith in his own code, you may get to play some user-made levels sometime in the future.

In an email interview, Thorson said, “I’m thinking of releasing the source on my forum at some point, so people can make their own stages or whatever, but the sheer messiness of it might scare everyone off.”

With no enhanced version coming and who knows how long until Sennett and Thorson’s next game, the prospect of playing user-created Race Around the World levels is more than a little exciting (though admittedly, I felt the same way when Jon Blow announced a Braid editor, and I haven’t seen a single worthwhile user level yet). Thorson’s statement could hardly be considered a guarantee, of course, but here’s to hoping.

Get RunMan: Race Around the World here.

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