Could this be a new Superman game from the Arkham Origins Developers?

Looks fairly legit

Following the recent release of Arkham Knight, the Batman game that Rocksteady has been insisting is the final in its series, many have been wondering what it’ll move onto working on next. Thanks to a heaping handful of references in Arkham Knight, many have been predicting that Rocksteady would move onto a Superman game next. However, a rumour this morning says we may have the wrong developer pegged for that project.

The above image, which comes alongside this animated image, is apparently from a Superman game currently in development by WB Montreal. It’s important to note that we have seen some very convincing fake leaks for video games over the past year and that the source of this leak is an unverified Tumblr page. That said, it looks pretty interesting.

So, would you be interested in playing a Superman game from the Arkham Origins developer? What would you like to see from a game about the Man of Steel?

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