Could there be a Tekken 6 bundle with arcade stick?

If you’ll think back to when Tekken 5 was released, there was a Ultimate Collectors Edition that came with the game, a case, and an arcade stick. And by looking at an early page at GameStop, it seems like something similar is in the works again for the next Tekken release.

Check out this pre-order page for Tekken 6. It says it comes with an arcade stick, and is priced at $149.99. That would have to be a pretty slick stick to make the total price that high. Unfortunately, neither this or the Xbox 360 page give any specifics.

As our friends at Siliconera point out, the price seems a bit too high for a Fighting Stick EX2 to be included, like they did with Tekken 5. Maybe these will come with the Real Arcade Pro versions from Hori. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Dale North