Could Shenmue 3 end up looking something like this?

Fan remake: Original Shenmue in Unreal 4

Korean modder Kid Nocon began his unofficial HD remake of the original Shenmue last year, before any of us knew that Shenmue 3 would burst onto the scene and become the most funded video game Kickstarter yet. 

Nocon’s original efforts, in Unreal 3, look pretty great.

His latest video, though, is for a remade version of the Hazuki Residence in Unreal 4, the engine that has given us wonderfully uncanny Sonic and Mario mock ups.

Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki has noted, “I’ve been looking at a several different engines over the past three years for Shenmue III, and Unreal Engine 4’s colors fit the color of the world I envision for Shenmue.” It might end up looking something like this. Hell, just hire the kid.

Steven Hansen