Could Samba de Amigo be heading to the Wii? It’s looking likely

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Samba de Amigo, like a fair few Dreamcast titles, has become a cult favorite among gamers. The beloved rythm action game which uses a pair of fake maracas endeared itself to many, so it comes as no surprise that rumors of it heading to the Wii caused quite a stir. The rumors started after a listing was discovered on a retail site, but it seems that the game is becoming more real by the day, with a practical confirmation from Ninteno via its official magazine.

Sega itself is keeping its mouth shut about the title, but Nintendo Power stated that Samba de Amigo is coming ‘sometime next year’ to the Wii and will be developed by Gearbox Software. Songs will include a mix of new tunes and old favorites from the original game, while the Wiimote and nunchuck shall take the place of the maraca accessories.

Perhaps in the Wii, Sega sees an opportunity to share some of its best games that never saw much exposure to a far wider audience. Following the new NiGHTS game, this will be another highly respected classic that saw action on the wrong system (as far as figures go). More details as and when they come.

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