Could Piktura be the name of the next Pikmin game?

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Siliconera made a recent discovery that Nintendo trademarked the mysterious name “Piktura” a month before this past E3. Could this be the name of the next game in the Pikmin franchise – a game that Miyamoto randomly announced at the end of said E3?

True, Piktura does have the “Pik” prefix, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a Pikmin game. For me, the name makes me think of something akin to Photoshop. Could a new Mario Paint (Pikmin-style!) be on the way? An upgrade for the Wii Photo Channel, perhaps? Maybe the new Pikmin game Miyamoto hinted at really isn’t an actual sequel. Maybe Piktura is a spin-off of the series for the Nintendo DS?

This may be the most cryptic news of the day, but I will jump at any opportunity to talk about anything even remotely Pikmin-related. I think I love that series more than ice cream. And, man, I love ice cream.

What do you think? Any thoughts on what this curious entity could be?

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