Could Fallout 3 resurrect Earthworm Jim? Is it a good idea?

Fallout 3 is going to sell well, regardless of what the final product ends up looking like. It’s a prediction I’ve pulled from my backside, but one that I think is more than reasonable. Interplay is certainly prepared to rake in the moolah, and has already mentally spent the wealth — it’s planning to revive an in-house dev studio with an eye to bringing back long-since deceased franchises, chief among them being Earthworm Jim.

Only a coldhearted lizard-esque creation of mankind’s evil could ever claim to disliking the ridiculous escapades of Earthworm Jim, though fears of cheap cash-ins are surfacing. I wouldn’t stand in the way of anybody looking to create a fresh, original and hilarious Jim title, but nostalgia can lead to broken dreams and sequels that can’t live up to expectation. That, or games that are just plain crap.

Along with Earthworm Jim, a return for Baldur’s Gate and MDK are also entirely possible. Once again, I can’t see anybody complaining about good new games in these franchises, but that’s the question people are asking — would they be good?

Personally, I say let them at it. If the games turn out bad, we as gamers have lost nothing. We only stand to potentially gain from any resurrections. For the chance of a current-generation Earthworm Jim game that doesn’t blow chunks, I’ll take the risk, however big. After all, it’s a risk Interplay is taking for us.

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