Could Brutal Legend news be coming? We all hope so

The last time we heard anything about Double Fine’s Brütal Legend, we’d heard that Activision Blizzard were allegedly being gratuitous dicks and blocking its release. Well, if game creator Tim Schafer’s hints are anything to go by, we might be hearing something a bit more pleasant soon.

Schafer and pals have an interesting “Threat Level” system in place regarding the rock-themed action game, which indicates whenever the game’s status has changed. According to an update from Double Fine, that level is now at “Haunted Sandalwood.” Yeah, no idea what that means, but hopefully it’s good!

Dang, just when I thought it was safe to waste some time, HAUNTED SANDALWOOD sneaks up from behind and goes “Boo!” in a vaguely-brown sort of way.

Frightening! But I can’t help it. My bunions are telling me there will be some sort of news this month and I have to listen. (You try to go back to sleep when your bunions are whispering in that creepy voice. It’s not easy.)

What’s that? How could we skip Charred Topaz and Metallic Chartreuse? You got whiplash? You’re not comfortable moving this fast? Well, it’s not called the “News Comfort Level,” is it?

Some have deduced that “Haunted Sandalwood” means we’ll be hearing news on December 14. I hope so, because the concept is fantastic and this game really needs to be released. We shall have to wait and see for more, however.

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