Could a new Suikoden game be in the works?

I was just talking about Suikoden on last night’s RetroforceGo!, so it comes as a pleasant surprise to hear this shred of possibility floating about in the series of tubes that is the internet. It seems Konami has trademarked the name “Suikoden Tierkreis” in North America, specifically for use with video game software.

Although it may not be actually used or could be canceled, it definitely points in a positive direction for fans of the series waiting for a new entry. I know it’s probably too much to ask, but seeing Suikoden make the jump to next-gen consoles would be positively thrilling to this fan. On the other hand, it seems like all my favorite games come out on the PS2, so I’d be just as happy to play a new installment there.

[Via Siliconera — Thanks, Jonathan]

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