Costco to have a cheaper Rock Band bundle?

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Earlier we told you that Sam’s Club is having a Rock Band launch event, and when we spoke with them, we tried to get details on the Rock Band Bundle price. They weren’t ready to fess up yet, but a tipster from the other wholesale chain dropped us a line this morning.

Our tipster says that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Rock Band will be selling for $159 at Costco Wholesale. That’s equal to the PS2 version’s normal price, a nice $10 savings when compared to the price of some of the other retail stores

Looking at the official pricing, the Xbox 360 guitar costs about $80 and the game $60, so that’s about $140 for just a solo setup. You can add drums and a microphone (a $110 value) for only $20 by nabbing a bundle at this price. Not bad!

[Thanks, E.] 

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