Cospa stocks Persona 4 jacket for cosplay fun

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby… Oops, wrong game. I don’t know any of the music in Persona 4 yet. The US launch date of December 9th can’t come soon enough.

To hold you over until then, I guess you could dress up as Persona 4 character Chie in this new jacket from Cospa. Jacket, or “jersey.” The Japanese call anything that looks sporty and zips up a jersey for some reason.

The “jersey” even comes with the three pins that Chie wears in P4, though you’ll have to wear a skirt to have the full costume down. They will be available next month from the Japanese Cospa Web page. You’d really have to be a Persona fan to pay the 9,800 yen ($88) asking price, though.

I guess the major downside is that only a Persona fan would know that you’re cosplaying.

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