Corvo certainly doesn’t go the pacifist route in this Dishonored 2 trailer

There will be blood

One of the great things about Dishonored is that it’s one of those games where killing is a totally viable option, but it’s just that — an option. Running through Dunwall without any murder is an accomplishment worthy of the highest praise. Besides, marking an overseer with a heretic brand somehow feels more cruel than just outright offing him.

But that’s not Corvo’s intent in this new Dishonored 2 trailer. No, Corvo kills about everyone he sees. You can tell this is going to get gruesome 20-some seconds in when he straight-up disintegrates a guy. From there, it’s plenty of stabbing, strangling, neck-snapping, headbutting, and rat-feasting.

That’s Bethesda’s take on Dishonored 2, a gratuitously violent one. Hopefully your Corvo (or Emily!) is a bit more restrained.

Brett Makedonski
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