Corpos will see a new hour of Cyberpunk 2077 behind closed doors at E3

Nomads left waiting

As I’ve gotten older I’ve taught myself to keep my hype for upcoming games in check. Too many times I’ve been burned by building up games in my head to be far more than what they eventually turn out to be. I’m not saying it’s something everyone should try to adhere to, just a personal choice.

That being said, Cyberpunk 2077 looks to hit every niche I’ve been hoping to have stroked by CD Projekt RED ever since I saw what they did with the Witcher series. I’m ashamed at how hyped I am for it.

After announcing the game six years ago then going radio silent for half a decade, CDPR came out swinging at last year’s E3 with a trailer as well as an hour-long behind-closed-doors demo. At E3 2019, the team will be showing yet another hour-long closed-door demo to press attendees with appointments.

No word on whether this demo showcase will make it to the public as last year’s did, but one can only assume that a spruced-up version will eventually release to the public. Those without appointments can still see a demo on the showroom floor, but it has been confirmed to be a different demo altogether.

As for what else is planned for CD Projekt RED at E3 2019, there’s a rumor going around that the Cyberpunk 2077 release date will be announced during the Microsoft keynote on Sunday, June 9, but if the works of writers like Philip K. Dick and William Gibson have taught us anything, it’s that you never believe something until it’s verified. Even then, doubt until you see it with your own eyes.

Cyberpunk 2077 will release “when it’s done” for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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