Corporate horror game Yuppie Psycho releases next month

Death by synergy

Most people are quick to tell you how much their job sucks. Maybe it’s because of some issues with their superiors. Or a deluge of annoying small talk grinds their gears. There’s no shortage of potential complaints: a terrible commute, uncomfortable chairs, or even the soul-crushing weight of accepting that their lives revolve around doing the same task day in and day out. 

But no matter how bad some people have it, at least they don’t have to deal with a murderous witch and supernatural entities every day. Brian Pasternack, the protagonist of an upcoming horror game called Yuppie Psycho, has to face all that and more. And to make matters worse, it’s only his first day.

We previously covered Yuppie Psycho after its reveal in late 2016. Although it’s flown under the radar for the last few years, developer Baroque Decay recently announced an April 25, 2019 launch on Steam.

Based on the above trailer, it looks like Yuppie Psycho isn’t afraid to examine the darker side of corporate culture. Protagonist Brian gets bullied, threatened, and chased through Sintracorp’s offices. And after a strange encounter with a strange-looking woman, Brian learns that his “special task” is to kill the office’s resident witch.

Although it’s a horror game with some fantastical elements, Baroque Decay’s world comes from a place of experience. Game designer Francisco Calvera entered the game development industry in 2013 after leaving a traditional corporate gig. According to a recent press release, Calvera incorporated his experiences into the game—and even added some former coworkers as non-playable characters.

Players can explore different floors, interrogate employees gathered around a water cooler, and directly impact how Yuppie Psycho‘s story plays out. There’s something evil going on at Sinstracorp. We’ll see if Brian survives his new job at the end of April. 

Ray Porreca
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