Cops play Wii Bowling while on drug bust

The one major problem with drug busts (aside from the waste of public money) is that they’re simply not fun enough. Luckily, cops in Polk County discovered a way to inject a little happiness into their latest drug raid, playing Wii Sports in the house that they were supposed to be searching for illegal substances.

“How do you explain it? Well you can’t explain that. My deputies know that they shouldn’t have been playing Wii while they were involved in that search warrant,” grovels Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. “That doesn’t please me [and] what pleases me less is the supervision that didn’t say ‘turn the television off.'”

While other cops searched the house during the $4000 sting, detectives were found playing the game on security camera footage. The video also shows that the supervisor for the operation actually joined in on the game rather than turning the TV off. The police department is attempting to assure us that, since downtime happens during any raid, that tax dollars were not thrown away on this operation. Right.

That’s pretty hilarious. I’ve often felt that drug raids were a ridiculous way to spend police time anyway, and it’s nice to see some cops demonstrating the fact quite nicely.

(P.S: You have no idea how much cleaning up I had to do to make this story readable when compared to the horrendous article I source. Yet I’M the blogger and THEY’RE the journalists. What’s wrong with this picture!?)

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