Cop killer appeals death sentence by blaming videogames

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A criminal always blames something else for its own pathetic actions, and there are always people willing to help them do that. Such is the case that cop killer Devin Moore has appealed a death sentence by blaming his killing spree in the Fayette police station on childhood abuse and Grand Theft Auto.

Such a typical and despicable tactic is offensive not only to gamers but to victims of childhood abuse who actually worked through it to become decent human beings, but the saddest part about Moore’s buck-passing is that a gaggle of morons are bound to lap it up and give credence to this scumbag’s attempts to shed accountability.

Jack Thompson has already done his part to justify such a poor excuse with his Strickland vs. Sony case that brings several game companies to court in a wrongful death suit. It is an amazing world we live in, where somebody can perform a murder and an unrelated videogame company can be brought to trial for it. That’s our planet, though. Gotta love it.

As for Moore, I guess we all owe him a big thanks for doing his part in wrecking the reputation of the games industry. Like Jeffery Dahmer blaming his murders on atheism, it does no good for anybody when innocent things are demonized, just to give a gutless coward a sense of blamelessness. Of course, until people stop buying into the crap that these killers spout, we won’t see an end to it. The spineless individuals will continue to blame games, abuse and God, provided society lets them get away with it.

Enjoy your death, Devin. I know I will.

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