Cooperative RPGs for the win: Rise of the Argonauts

Codemasters has officially announced Rise of the Argonauts, a grand scale action-RPG developed by Liquid Entertainment (whose last game was Desperate Housewives on the PC — hold your applause) for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

The Unreal Engine 3 powered game follows the adventures of Jason and (of course) the Argonauts, as they battle mythical creatures and gods by ripping them to shreds. Codemasters promises “heart-pumping, lethal, blood-spurting combat,” and all of those things sound appealing, especially when coupled with the fact that the game can be played cooperatively with your bloodthirsty friends.

It should be noted that Liquid Entertainment, before crafting digital, sexually promiscuous housewives, has a history of RPG and RTS experience — Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard, Lord of the Rings: War of the Rings, and the original IP, Battle Realms. I’m crossing my fingers that this experience translates well to the action-RPG genre, because if I can’t play Manhunt 2, then I’m going to have to get my bloodshed fix from somewhere.

For more information on Rise of the Argonauts (and severing heads), check the press release after the jump. Or, you can skip all of that crap and just look at the pretty pictures in our gallery.

Prepare to live a life of brutal combat as Codemasters reveals the gladiatorial adventure that awaits in Rise of the Argonauts™. Now in development at Liquid Entertainment, this grand scale action-RPG is scheduled to launch in 2008 for Games for Windows® and major console platforms.

With deep exploration and epic quests, players will take the role of Jason, King of Iolchis, and battle alongside iconic mythological heroes including Hercules, Achilles, Atalanta and others. As Jason grows from young king to true legend, set sail aboard the Argo and explore the vast Aegean – a dynamic world of islands filled with shining cities, lush jungles and deep forests.

Gamers will leave their mark on ancient Greece as they engage in heart-pumping, lethal, blood-spurting combat against hordes of enemy warriors, ruthless beasts and truly formidable mythological creatures. Whether Jason is lopping off heads or cutting warriors in half with his sword or if Hercules is wrestling with giant beasts, the intense action in Rise of the Argonauts™ will leave players wanting for their next confrontation.

Like all true heroes of Greece, the gods follow Jason on his quests. Jason will gain the favour of the gods and earn special abilities, but his actions may please some gods and displease others. Earning a god’s favour will grant players powers within the god’s domain, but drawing a god’s wrath may cause them to inflict a torment on the heroes at the worst possible moment.

Get ready to confront the creatures of myth and legend in Rise of the Argonauts™, coming in 2008 for Games for Windows and major console platforms. Aspiring heroes can witness the action that lies ahead in the first trailer movie, now available to download from (in Downloads).

Nick Chester