Cool stuff: Frostpunk has a whole lot of free DLC planned

Can’t beat freeze

11 bit studios performed its specific sort of magic when it released Frostpunk late last month. Frostpunk is a complex survival city builder where you try to keep a civilization from freezing to death. It has that 11 bit charm in that you feel good about exactly none of your decisions.

However, there’s something Frostpunk-related that you can feel unconditionally good about: There’s a bunch of DLC coming and it’s all free. Today, 11 bit laid out the Frostpunk roadmap for the rest of 2018.  It includes five substantial updates alongside regular technical fixes.

First up, a new survivor mode will be added in June. That’s the only add-on that’s given a specific time frame. Sometime later in the year, Frostpunk will get: basic customization for automatons and people, a new scenario called “The Builders,” a new endurance mode, and an update titled “Winter Snapshots.”

It’s always great to see a game supported this way. But, this also means you’ve got a whole lot more feeling bad about yourself to look forward to. When it comes to 11 bit, nothing can ever just be unequivocally good.

Brett Makedonski
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