Cool snowboarder talks freedom in Stoked: Big Air trailer

Nicolas Müller is totally metal because his last name has an umlaut in it — that’s a given. But word on the street is that Mûller is double metal because he can snowboard up and down chunky white slopes like a red demon with skates on top of a translucent ice inferno. Point is, dude is metal and he fancies videogames, or at least appears to in this latest video for Stoked: Big Air Edition.

In the above, Müller talks about what freedom means to him, while talking new features for this expanded edition of Stoked: Big Air. Which by the way, adds two mountains, a sexier frame rate, better textures and new clothes to the core game. Think of Big Air Edition like a huge patch with a price tag.

Speaking of which, Stoked: Big Air Edition hits stores this November 24 for $39.99.

Brad BradNicholson